Portraits from Mada

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This image is part of a series of portraits taken in Madagascar this year. They are simple portraits of common people, many of them showing what that person does for a living. The full series will be published online soon.

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Tamatave, Madagascar

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Jordan 1993

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It was 1993 and it was the fist time I ever left Romania to visit another land. And it was also the first time I was entrusted to carry a camera and allowed to take photos. I was 10. Below are some of the images I took during that wonderful trip to Jordan. They are poor quality, but a beautiful window to a very dear memory.


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Madagascar 2013

January 21st, 2013 Comments off


Here is the planned route for the 2013 Madagascar trip. Take off is Feb 13th. Return is March 6th. The yellow part of the way represents approx. 90 km of Rainforest which we intend to cross by foot over several days, depending on the weather. Except for Ile Sainte Marie, everything else is flexible and mood/weather depending. Hopefully we will have some help for the first leg of the journey to cut traveling time, otherwise the whole schedule will have to change.

Highlights: Nosy Be beaches and coral reef, bush taxi from west to east, rainforest shortcut through Masoala National Park, Ile Sainte Marie beaches and pirate legacy, Vatomandry ruby mines.

To be updated..

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